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"Finally there is an affordable touch screen driven POS system for restaurants... FreePOS!"


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Downloading is the process of transmitting our software to your computer.

You should have a high speed internet connection before attempting a download.
Save program installers to your desktop & then double click them to begin installing.
If you need a hand, please call or email us.


"Finally an affordable restaurant POS system... FreePOS!"


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** FreePOS v6.55 INSTALLER **

** Compatible With Windows XP Or Higher ** 

If you have not upgraded to V6.55 or higher please be aware that in order to be PABP and PA-DSS Compliant, the V6.55 and V6.95 upgrades must be applied immediately.  

FreePOS Version 6.55 Program Installer

Download FreePOS V6.55 - 2 Terminal License (82M)

FreePOS V6.55 is an incredibly powerful and stable restaurant POS system.  Click the link above to begin downloading the installer.

How To Perform An Upgrade To FreePOS V6 From V5.X

Please download the installer (above) and look in the USEFUL INFORMATION folder for instructions about the upgrade process.  Or if you just can't wait, click on this text and a PDF file will appear explaining the upgrade process.


** The Latest FreePOS Updates ** 

Updates to FreePOS are available free of charge to registered users.  Since FreePOS's original release in 2005, Positive Feedback Software has provided more than 10 updates to the user base free of charge.  


FreePOS Version 7.20 is now ready and available for download free of charge to registered users.   Click here to request.


General Links:

1.  See the links below for VIDEO TRAINING and DOCUMENTATION

2.  ANTI VIRUS software is very important.   It can be downloaded FREE from:


3.  If you want MS-Office (word processing, spreadsheet, graphics & database) but you object to paying Microsoft $300+ for it, please consider downloading Open Office.  It's free, it's open source & it works perfectly with FreePOS for editing menus & reading reports.


4.  Learn how to protect your POS system's data.   Click here.

5.  You can read all of our PDF documentation files free of charge by downloading FoxIt PDF Reader software.   FoxIt uses less memory than Adobe Acrobat and there are no annoying popup messages.


Printer ESC Code & Technical Information:

Adding logos to receipts

ESC Codes For Epson & Compatibles

Download - ESC Codes List - All printer models we could find!

Download - Generic Text Printer ESC Codes

Download - ESC Codes List - Epson TM-T85


FreePOS Training & Documentation

Download - Flash Video Player (required to watch video training).  (10M)

Download Technical Training Videos

Download New Employee Training Videos

Download Legacy Videos (Before Version 4)

Download DOCUMENT - ESC Code Reference - EPSON  (150K)

Download DOCUMENT - FreePOS Touch Screen Template  (100K)

Download DOCUMENT - Pizza Mode Tutorial (400K)

Download DOCUMENT - Gift Card & Certificate Addendum (78K)

Download DOCUMENT - Tips On Cash Drawer Balancing

Download FILES - Restaurant Files For Microsoft Office

Download DOCUMENT - Using TCPSpool & Connect-It Cards

Download DOCUMENT - Using WinSpool

Download DOCUMENT - Changes To V6 Accounting

Download DOCUMENT - FreePOS V6 Reference Manual (The same manual that installs automatically when run you the FreePOS Program Installer)

Download DOCUMENT - FreePOS Beginner's Tutorial


FreePOS Support Files & Upgrades


Download - CLIP ART for restaurant floor plans

Download - Biometric Software (Click HERE For Installation Info)


Remote Access Support For FreePOS

If you would like some instruction on...

  • How to program your menu
  • How to install FreePOS
  • How to map drive letter S:
  • How to use FreePOS

... then let Positive Feedback Software "log into" your computer and remotely control your system.   Just give us a call at (540) 243-0300 to  schedule a remote support session.   While you speak with a support engineer on the phone, you can watch your computer's screen as we remotely control your computer from Virginia.   Click below to sign up with LogMeIn.. our preferred remote access provider.   LogMeIn doesn't cost as much as other RAS services like GoToMyPC... in fact it is free!


Click The Image Above To Sign Up...



Credit Card Processing Solutions

** X-Charge **

 X-Charge can automatically notify you when updates are available.   As of Sept. 30, 2010 you must be running V7OI or higher in order to process credit cards.  If you wish to visit X-Charge on the web, click here.   To upgrade to the latest edition of X-Charge, simply open the X-Charge main module and select "Help" and then "Check For Update".


** CreditLine **

 Important CreditLine Software Upgrades are always available at www.911software.com    Since banks merge & change data formatting standards often, it is important to regularly update CreditLine on integrated credit card processing systems.  

Beginning in Q4 of 2013, Positive Feedback Software will no longer offer integrated credit card processing on networks other than those supported by XCharge.   We strongly recommend merchants use one or more standalone credit card machines to avoid potential PCI fines & liability.   It is likely that PCI compliancy rules will begin mandating minimum hardware and operating system levels soon.  This could mean repurchasing large portions of your POS system simply to remain compliant in the future.  This will only affect you if your business processes credit cards using a Windows computer. Please call for details.